Sunday, July 12, 2009

Making some easy money!

Hey there I'm Joey, and I'm 16 years old. Most people on the web want to make money some how, and the last year and a half all i been doing is try to find the best way to accomplish that. I've been searching for ways that are actually possible, even for a minor. Some ways are to:
1. Create a blog
2. Create a website
3. Do some paid surveys
4. Write papers
5. Be a forum Moderator
6. Do Pay Per Click sites

Ill tell you some of the downfalls of most of these. For creating a website your biggest problem is you need money to start with, and most kids my age or younger do not have a credit card, I do, but don't always have that much on it to spend. You would need money to buy your domain name, which is pretty cheap, about 3-6 dollars a year for a .com domain. Then you have to have a Hosting site, which is more expensive, can be a anywhere from 12-50 dollars a month. Then when you get all of those things, you have even a bigger problem, your site isn't appealing enough for a lot of people to come. Some things you can do is either put more time into it. Or you can spend more money with Google Adwords. Which is minimum 50 dollars a month. So what I'm trying to say is if your a kid trying to create a website, you need a lot of money and time which most kids don't have. Also most adults don't get those concepts so they fail at making a website.
Next I'll talk about online surveys, I tried this out for a couple months and It can be alright if you do about one survey a week, because each survey says its only like 10 minutes but its usually 45- to an hour and most of the time its a scam or hoax so after all that work, you get nothing. Another huge downfall for surveys is they make you take an offer to continue and each offer cost money just for each one.. so you spend 20 on a survey and make 8. Just forget even trying that is a huge waste of time, and money.
You can write papers for websites, but you have to find a site and submit your work and most likely they wont take it or they will give you close to nothing for it, and it usually has to be pretty long so its a time cruncher. If your a good and fast writer, then I'd say give it a shot, if your not then just forget that.
You can be a forum moderator but first you have to be very active at a forum, and you have to get to know that forum admin. Usually you kinda land into those kind of jobs because most of the time the forum already has a forum moderator(s)

And now for Pay Per Click sites, Ive been doing these for a while now and I must say, its some very easy money making, its not a fast way of making money at first but it can be later on. All you have to do is click on there ad, wait 30 seconds, then do another. You can get paid anywhere from .01 dollars to .05 dollars which if you can do it fast and for a long time, you can make some money. But BE CAREFUL most sites are scams! Ive tried lots and most DONT PAY YOU! Luckily I found a very great site that pays good, and requires no Credit Card, No SSN, No paypal, or anything. They simply just send you a check in the mail. Also they dont have a age requirement for it either. The site is called

(also if you want a little bit of help just go to my youtube video on how to set it up, its quite simple.)

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my blog, I wrote it by using the year of experience I've done with this subject. Coupon Coupon